We All Know What Editing Is, But What's a Writing Coach?

A writing coach is your guide, your mentor, and one of your biggest fans. Whether you are just starting your freelance writing career or embarking on the novel you've been mulling over for years, a writing coach is there every step of the way, giving advice that will help you organize your creative thoughts, meet deadlines, navigate the world of query letters and book proposals, and encouraging you to stay on track. 

As a freelance writer and published author, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the writing world. It is important to not only find an editor that is friendly, honest, and thorough, but also to understand how this business works and know that perseverance is key.

From advice on how to write a book to proofreading your research paper for typos, I'm here to help. This is my job. This isn't just an editing service. I want to help make the world of writing a little less intimidating.   

Sand Dunes

As Your Writing Coach, I Can Help You:

  • Clarify Your Writing Goals

  • Organize Your Creative Thoughts 

  • Create a System to Meet Deadlines

  • Edit Your Work for Clarity​

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